Upcoming Webinars on the Remote Workflow

2020 continues to be filled with challenges. For video production teams needing to work remotely for the first time, additional hurdles include how to provide them with the same content, tools and performance as they had when based in the office. By design, Evolphin has delivered technologies and workflows that are well suited for the […]

Moving Media Production to the Cloud in 24 Hours

With accelerated background transfers, automatic sync, robust version control and media security, Evolphin’s cloud solutions enable companies to switch to a remote media production pipeline fast.

Enhancements to Live Ingest with Evolphin Zoom

Evolphin has been hard at work bringing even more capabilities and UX improvements for live ingest, and we’re happy to announce a new batch of features that will help any team working with live content and feeds being recorded from external sources. Our enhanced metadata logger is integrated with live ingest in the Web Client. […]

Evolphin’s New AI Tools for Adobe Premiere

Evolphin’s revolutionary artificial intelligence tools make it easy to search for media, and can unlock vast archives of old content for reuse by identifying objects, people, logos, and more. We’re proud to announce a new set of tools for Adobe Premiere that allow you to utilize Evolphin’s AI data in your video edits. When importing […]

Evolphin Collections

Whether you need comments from clients, or share media with your team, or get notified when someone adds new content matching certain criteria, Evolphin’s Collections are here to help. Watch this video to find out more!

The Evolphin Web Client

To make it easier to work remotely or with external clients, the Evolphin Web Client allows you to access, search, and share your media with those who need it. Watch this video to find out more!

How to Work Remotely with Video

If you work with a team that’s spread out, collaborating on and editing video in different locations is a challenge. With large files needing to be shared, how can remote video editors get access to the content they need, and deliver the cuts to producers and clients?  

Collaborating with Davinci Resolve and a MAM

Davinci Resolve is more than a fantastic color correction tool — it’s a full-fledged editing program. Despite its power, using Davinci in a collaborative environment with other editors using Adobe Premiere or any other apps still requires jumping through a few hoops. We’ve outlined important steps below to make things as seamless as possible.