Digital Asset Management Linking with Adobe Drive

Another example of why you shouldn’t believe everything thing you read on the internet. One of the primary issues for InDesign users is retaining connections to their linked images and assets, especially when transferring files between Mac and Windows. A blog (InDesign Secrets) recently posted on suggested you should always embed images into your […]

Deduplication and Digital Assets

In our previous blog post we talked about the challenges of uploading existing content to a new digital asset management software. Today, lets talk about working with the same file over and over. It can be a real pain to have to upload and download the same file again and again. This point was made […]

On-Premise vs Cloud: Digital Asset Management Software

Cloud solutions have both advantages and disadvantages. When determining whether to move an application to the cloud, organizations must make sure that all of the operational aspects are understood before an intelligent decision can be made. One area that is typically overlooked is bandwidth cost and utilization and the subsequent business impacts it may have. […]