The Importance of Transcoding to a Mezzanine Format

With the rise of post-production software that lets you edit footage from a range of formats, many are wondering if transcoding to a mezzanine format is still necessary. While there are now situations in which transcoding may not make sense, the fact remains that most companies should still use a mezzanine format. There are several […]

Evolphin Zoom 7.0 is Here!

We started Zoom 7.0 with a simple premise in mind; ‘make it really simple for customers to find content no matter where it is and secondly, make it even easier for them to create and collaborate from within their most popular editing tools, not just a few of them but all of them’. This last […]

3 Common Transcoding Misconceptions

It used to be that transcoding to a mezzanine format was mandatory before post-production could begin. But with modern improvements to editing platforms like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut X, editing footage from a wide range of camera and video formats is much easier than it used to be. Given this, many people are asking: […]

How Media Will Shape Customer Experience in 2018

Omnichannel. Nurture marketing. Social media “stories”. As we launch into 2018, these are the concepts that will shape the discussion around customer experience. The overarching thing that connects these concepts together: media.  Media has always shaped the customer experience, but in recent years its role has grown exponentially. There are two overarching reasons for this: […]

Why On-Premises May Not be the Right Place For Your Video Data

Did you know that where you store your media assets can make or break your creative efforts? For content creators, choosing between on-premises network servers and the cloud has a significant impact on collaboration, production time, and the company’s bottom line. And there’s no one-size-fits-all: your unique business needs will dictate which data management model […]

Why Every Creative Department Needs Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

In summer 2017, HBO endured multiple data breaches. The largest attack involved 1.5 terabytes of leaded data, which included scripts and episodes of Game of Thrones. These leaks hit the web before the show was due to air, and helped contribute to Game of Thrones earning a reputation for being one of the most pirated […]

On-Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid: Which is Right for Media Asset Management?

Jim is a recently-hired Creative Director at a major print publishing company. Jim’s job is to bring his organization into the 21st century with more video content. Having worked with video in the past, Jim knows that the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system currently used by his new employer isn’t going to cut it. Thus, […]