How To Import Avid Projects Into Premiere (and Vice Versa)

Gone are the days when post-production pipelines relied on only one family of products to get the job done. With so solutions available, it’s not uncommon to find yourself working at a company that embraces aspects of both an Avid workflow and an Adobe one. Fortunately, it’s not as hard as it used to be […]

How To Do Digital Rights Management Right

We live and work in a world where more media is created every day than the day before, and for content creators, keeping track of media licensing is increasingly burdensome. With so many photographers, camera ops, and musicians licensing their media for companies to use, making sure they are fairly paid for their work can […]

What Can the Evolphin DAM Do For You? (Video)

See a few of the powerful features the Evolphin Digital Asset Management (DAM) system can bring to your organization. From powerful plugins for creative apps, worldwide mobile-optimized access to your files, and automated distribution to countless services and social media, let the Evolphin DAM manage your assets so you can focus on being creative. To […]

How to Ensure Your DAM and Archive Systems Will Work Hand in Hand

With today’s fast-paced demands for media production, content creators are often so focused on the tasks in front of them that once a project is done they are already looking to the next one. However, often overlooked in the content-creation pipeline is the archival of finished projects. If an effective archive workflow is not put […]

Evolphin’s Hybrid Cloud Media Asset Management Solutions are Now Available

Companies faced with the need to maximize the capture, processing and distribution of digital content are looking to on-premises and cloud-based deployment models to help them better manage the costs and significant increases in media production and media consumption, all within a dynamic and competitive environment. Evolphin is excited to announce a portfolio of Hybrid […]

How to Sync Your Adobe CC Projects and Workflows with Remote Workers

As we’ve detailed in previous articles, the rate at which companies are relying on workers and teams in multiple locations is growing exponentially. For content creators working with Adobe Creative Cloud applications, this presents a challenge. Teams need to collaborate efficiently from any location while ensuring adequate version control and security. Adobe offers Team Projects […]

How To Bridge the Gap Between Avid and Adobe Workflows

For years, a battle has waged between video editing platforms Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer (AMC). Given the functionality and popularity of Adobe Premiere and After Effects, many companies with Avid workflows are looking to leverage components of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite—such as After Effects and Illustrator—in their creative workflows. They might also […]

The Importance of Listening to Your Customers

NAB 2018 has come to a close, and it’s safe to say the week went by too fast. I’ve been attending NAB with the team at Evolphin since 2013, and each year the show continues to impress in its ability to bring together developers, creators, engineers and businesses who are at the cutting edge of […]