The Content Outbreak – How Content Usage Has Transformed: Then And Now

Could you imagine only needing a single asset management system to handle all your needs? The velocity of content throughout the world is unbelievable! In today’s day and age, it is astounding that anyone whether 8 or 80, can capture as many pictures as they want, and record an HD or even 4K video on […]

NAB 2017 – Sneak Peek of Evolphin Zoom 7.0

We had a great time at the NAB 2017 Conference again this year, and was excited to see the newest innovations occurring in the Broadcasting space, meeting new people, as well as customers and partners. We were also very excited to share a Sneak Peek of Evolphin Zoom 7.0, this time with the goal of […]

Streamline your Enterprise Video Workflows with Oracle & Evolphin – Talk & Lunch

The National Association of Broadcasters is coming to New York City, and we are inviting you to join us for lunch and a pre-show presentation to help you streamline efforts to manage your corporate video workflows. Please sign up at Whether you are new to the process of creating video content, or already have terabytes or […]

Video Content Management Challenge 1 – Video Files can be Massive

Traditional asset management systems can handle many images and files at a time, but what happens when you start incorporating video files that are 1000s of times larger than the largest asset in your current system? Before we delve into this topic, let’s put some context around it, by looking at something we can all […]

Big Video Content Management – Two Real-World Examples

In my first post, I gave a general overview of big video content management. Now, I’d like to share a couple use cases with you, to show you some of the real-world challenges that companies may face when modernizing their workflows to include big videos. 1. Iconic Publishing Company A 24×7 publishing company was seeing […]

Big Video Workflows & Why They Matter – Part I

Whether it’s Media & Entertainment companies making traditional videos, or corporations making training videos for staff, there’s no question that videos are everywhere. In this multi-part series, I’d like to introduce you to the big video workflow, and why it’s such a critical time to pay attention to it. Through firsthand experience working with many […]

Zoom Plugins for Maxon Cinema4D

Evolphin Zoom now bundles several new software plugins for Maxon CINEMA 4D application used by professional 3D artists: Media Asset Management Plugin For instructions on how to setup & configure the plugin please visit our help site link here. This plugin allows the 3D artist access to the following Zoom features: Direct check-in of revisions For the […]

Adobe Photoshop Format vs. BMP: File Format Matters

For years, one of the benefits of using Bitmap (BMP) files inside of Adobe InDesign layouts is to apply spot colors to them inside of InDesign. If you place a 1-Bit Bitmap image into Adobe InDesign, you can use the swatches tool inside of Adobe InDesign instead of having to jump to another application such […]

When Your Assets Are On The Line

After attending several recent conferences and events during the first part of 2014, it has become readily apparent that there are many different interpretations of what DAM (digital asset management) can do for you. For example, folks at the Henry Stewart DAM NY Conference chatted with us that they were looking for more of a […]

Smart Copy

Software developers frequently use a technique called “branching” that enables them to create copies of existing software code. This same technique can be valuable to graphic design teams who want to reap the same benefits of a more efficient development process and quicker turnaround time for their digital assets. The vast majority of Digital Asset […]